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Official attitude from JSC “Shargunkumir” on a video message regarding the lack of installation of video surveillance devices at railway and road crossings, a railway lighting system, a railway lighting system on 11,245 m of railway track from the Sariosie railway station.

According to the standards stipulated by the “Rules for the technical operation of railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, Appendix 1, Chapter 3, paragraph 28, reinforced concrete sleepers must be laid on a layer of small stone with a thickness of at least 35 cm and a fraction of 25-60 mm. The base is at least 15 cm under a small stone – sand and gravel mixture or small shebenden with a fraction of 5-25 mm. Instead of a base, you can lay a protective layer of polymer materials. The shoulder of the ballast prism is at least 45 cm, the laying of the slopes is being specified.
In accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of November 30, 2011 No. 314, Annex 3 to the resolution “Rules for the use of railway crossings” prohibits the movement of passengers from a place not intended for a pedestrian crossing and between railway tracks, and is considered a railway security zone.
Based on these regulatory documents, the situation on a mobile videotape recorded by a resident of the city of Shargun Astanakulova Dastagul Ravshanovna, a railway owned by Shargunkomir JSC, sleepers, rails and gravel scattered on it, was carried out on the basis of the norms of regulatory documents of law. The railway crossing (crossing) was built in 1946. Currently, this railway belongs to Shargunomir JSC, and when delivering wagons with coal to consumers, the locomotive performs shunting work on the railway.
In addition, throughout the year, specialist engineers from Shargunkomir JSC continuously repair the railway system every day. Pedestrian walking in this area is prohibited; Shargunkomir JSC does not equip the pedestrian zone with lighting systems.
There is a lighting system at the intersection of the road and the railway. Based on the financial situation of Shargunkomir JSC, in the future it may install a video surveillance camera for the purpose of constant monitoring in the territory of Perezed. However, we would like to remind you that retail outlets in this area currently have CCTV cameras installed in their buildings.
Over the past 15-20 years, not a single accident has occurred at this intersection of road and railway.

Administration of JSC “Shargunkumir”