The construction of this coal mine began in 1943. At the Sariosie railway station, a 12-kilometer railway station “Tokchiyon” (now Shargun), an 18-kilometer cable car for coal transportation, personnel and cargo transportation have been built. A 20-kilometer highway has been built.
In 1958, the Shargun coal deposit with a design capacity of 400 thousand tons per year was commissioned.
A. Eshkulov, Kh. Tursunov, P. Khursanov took an active part in the construction of the mine. They mined coal by hand at a coal mine in Boysun and followed in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers.
They were awarded orders and medals of the Government, the head of the mining detachment Parda Khursanov was awarded the title of “Honorary Miner”, and his three sons became heirs to the dynasty of miners.
After the start-up of the mine in 1958, the Shargunkumir mining administration was established. In different years V.I. Tanishev, A.U. Usmanov, E.Yu.Yusupov,G.M.Ibragimov, A.I.Buravlev, N.K.Kurbaniyazov, M.K.Galimov, H.P.Hursanov, , U. A. Rashidov, K. L. Khonov, Ch.T. Ochildiev, K.S. Zokirov, N.A. Dzhurakulov, S.Kh. The Kucharovs were directors.
In the early sixties, due to the fact that 95% of Shargun’s coal was fine-grained (13 mm), the sale of coal products was difficult.
For the use of the young organization, a briquette plant was built in the organization, launched in 1965, and the sale of briquetted (packaged) coal began.
The cable car was built in 1960 and completely solved the problem of coal transportation, and in 1978 the road was repaired and reopened.
The largest production of coal in the history of the mine to date was achieved in 1990, when it amounted to 220 thousand tons.
Coal mined from open pits is loaded by scraper conveyors onto bogies and transported by electric locomotives to an external coal base. From the coal warehouse, coal is loaded into bunkers, from which it is loaded into trolleys on the cable car, 18 km is delivered to the briquette plant, loaded into wagons and sent to consumers.
Minutes of the meeting of shareholders of Shargunkumir OJSC dated June 21, 2014, Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 06, 2014 No. 370 “On joint stock companies and protection of shareholders’ rights”, September 11, 2014. In accordance with Order No. 187 dated September 11, 2014, the Shargunkumir Company was reorganized into the Shargunkumir Joint Stock Company.
JSC “Shargunkumir” mainly produces SSSSH coal of 13 mm fraction with a calorific value of 8100 kcal / kg. Annual capacity – 100,000 tons, proven coal reserves – 35.6 million tons.
According to the Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2264 dated November 17, 2014 and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 161 dated June 6, 2013 US $ 101.3 million (own funds US $ 11.8 million, China Eximbank Credit – 89.5 million dollars) is planned to be implemented for the implementation of the modernization project of JSC “Shargunkumir” by attracting investments.
Project implementation period 2018-2021
Expected results:
1.From 2022, the annual production and sale of coal will reach 900 thousand tons.
2. More than 450-500 additional jobs will be created.
3. Coal products are supplied to Novo-Angrenskaya and Angrenskaya TPPs of Uzbekenergo, cement plants of Uzstroymaterialy JSC, Kishlok Qurilish Invest and other consumers. Exports to a number of foreign countries are also expected.
The distribution of shares of Shargunkumir JSC is as follows:
1) 51% – 3,584,854 ordinary shares with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) soums are owned by O’zbekiston Temir yo’llari JSC.
2) 48.86% – 3,434,580 ordinary shares with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) soums are owned by Uzbekugol JSC.
3) 0.02% – 1.151 ordinary shares with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) soums belong to the Sariosi district of JV Bazar M.
4) 0.13% – 8,835 ordinary shares with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) soums are accounted for by 222 workers and employees of Shargunkumir JSC.
The total number of shares is 7,029,420.

Charter of “Sharguncoal”  JSC

Organizational structure of “Sharguncoal” JSC

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