The Commander of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan addressed the people of our country
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The Commander of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan addressed the people of our country

Dear and respected compatriots!

You are well aware that the systemic reforms carried out in our country in recent years to build a democratic state and civil society, where human dignity is respected, where law and justice are a priority, are yielding practical results. In this process, priority is given to creating a safe country environment in the new Uzbekistan, strictly observing the principles of “safe zone”, “safe neighborhood”, “safe market”, especially peace and tranquility of the population. unconditional protection of the legitimate interests of our citizens.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on July 28 of this year in the Fergana region. The activities of all responsible departments and public representatives were effectively launched to systematically solve problems in the fight against crime and ensure public safety in our country, especially based on the methods of “social crime prevention “and creating a peaceful environment on our streets and neighborhoods, in connection with this, specific tasks were identified in connection with the implementation of fundamental changes.

The bodies of the National Guard of Uzbekistan, together with other law enforcement agencies, act on the basis of a clear plan in solving these urgent tasks, ensuring public safety, maintaining public order, and reliable protection of the rights and interests of our people. In this process, special attention is paid to maintaining public order, the safety of citizens, reliable protection of property of individuals and legal entities in large markets, amusement parks, boulevards and places of public events in the cities of Tashkent and Nukus and regional centers.

Dear compatriots!

In carrying out its broad service activities, the National Guard relies, first of all, on you, district activists, all our citizens who live with a sense of participation in the fate of the country.

We believe that one of our main tasks is to prevent crimes in neighborhoods, eliminate the root causes and factors that cause them, based on the principle of “safe neighborhood – safe marriage.” When we analyze the situation in neighborhoods today, it becomes clear that, unfortunately, we are busy fighting the consequences of violations, and not the causes that cause them.

Due to insufficient attention to the education of young people in our neighborhoods, the increase in cases of propaganda of criminal and unhealthy lifestyles among minors and young people also leads to an increase in the negative situation. To put an end to this, we must first identify the factors that enable crime to occur in neighborhoods and eliminate them.

Based on the instructions and instructions of the head of our state, the National Guard clearly defined the measures that need to be implemented in cooperation with the relevant ministries and departments, using all its forces and capabilities in this regard.

First of all, today some markets, amusement parks and avenues are insufficiently equipped with technical and protective equipment, there are no objects of public control, crimes and offenses are committed, and emergency situations arise.

In order to prevent such negative situations, first of all, the “Kokan Experiment”, created by the University of Public Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a scientific approach, will be introduced in the markets of all regions.

Together with the administration of large markets, parks and boulevards in regional centers, measures will be taken to install facial recognition cameras at the main entrances of objects.

In order to increase the efficiency of maintaining public order, preventing fires and other emergencies, additional video surveillance cameras will be installed and integrated into the Unified Monitoring Center.

Retail facilities in markets, parks and avenues will gradually be equipped with individual security alarms, and their locations will be equipped with “Tashvish” buttons. Efforts will be strengthened in the areas in and around these sites to educate, promote and raise awareness among citizens.

In short, we will take the necessary measures in cooperation with government and non-government organizations, carefully analyzing our work. As a result, we will achieve the implementation of the concepts “Safe Market” and “Safe Recreation Area”.

Secondly, a new system and practice of crime prevention will be introduced in neighborhoods, as well as constant surveillance of objects with a high probability of committing crimes against property and public order.

The E-Hamkor program is being implemented, which integrates video surveillance devices installed by individuals and legal entities in buildings or their entrances, and this program is integrated into regional situation centers of internal affairs bodies.

In the regional departments of the National Guard, practical laboratories of the University of Public Security will be created for a scientific approach to combating crime in the “red” neighborhoods and organizing work in this direction. Taking into account the specifics of the regions, scientifically based methods of work are being developed and applied in practice to identify and eliminate the factors that create the basis for the commission of crimes and offenses.

Employees of the practical laboratory develop the knowledge and skills of personnel working in microdistricts, in the practice of applying administrative law, in cooperation with the “seven” in microdistricts they work within the framework of the “Peaceful and Harmonious Family”. , scientific and practical projects “Crime-Free Neighborhood” and “Digital Neighborhood”.

Based on the “Module of working with citizens”, a system of continuous training will be created to strengthen cooperation in neighborhoods in the field of crime prevention.

Third, in order to create a safe environment in our schools and quickly eliminate physical threats to students, panic buttons and video surveillance devices were installed in all educational institutions of the regional capital cities, and they were taken under the protection of the National Guard.

In the future, to improve the security system of educational institutions, the “Safe Education” concept will be introduced, and we will continue to work hard in this direction.

Fourthly, we will make one of our main tasks the reliable protection of citizens’ property at their place of residence, early warning of cases of illegal possession and timely suppression of it! I assure you that in this regard, the National Guard has all the necessary modern technical security means, programs and equipment, and the scope of the system for guaranteeing the property of our citizens will be expanded.

Therefore, I recommend that our residents install technical security systems and panic buttons in their homes, and also ask them not to neglect the preservation of their property and material wealth that they have accumulated over many years through honest labor, and not to create conditions for others to attack it.

Dear compatriots!

We all know from our life experience that no one in this world is born a criminal or delinquent. Some people make such mistakes because of their environment and certain circumstances.

Therefore, dear ones, let us all be one soul and first of all eliminate such a negative environment, conditions that cause crime!

Let us greatly increase our responsibility and responsibility for the present and future fate of our growing children and grandchildren, be always vigilant and aware, and for their happiness and development, first of all, achieve a stable healthy environment in the family, neighborhood and society. !

Following the well-known proverb of our noble people, who have seen a lot: “One child has seven quarters, both father and mother,” let’s first of all pay attention to the children of our relatives, neighbors, brothers and sisters, the behavior and education of the children of our neighborhoods!

This dear Motherland – new Uzbekistan belongs to all of us. It is the sacred duty of each of us to maintain and further strengthen a peaceful, peaceful and prosperous life in our beloved country.

Let us never forget that if we do not complete these urgent tasks, which are the most important conditions for our free and prosperous life, no one will come and do it for us.

Therefore, let us all demonstrate our legal consciousness and culture, our loyalty to the traditions of our ancestors, strictly observe laws and rules, be intolerant of crimes and offenses, and help law enforcement agencies fight them!

This is the main guarantee of a happy and prosperous life for our dear children and grandchildren, who are the masters of our multinational nation, our future.

Rustam JORAEV,

Commander of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Source: newspaper “New Uzbekistan”