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 JSC “Sharguncoal” – CHAMPION!

JSC “Sharguncoal” – CHAMPION!

According to the joint decision of the leadership of the Termez regional railway junction and the regional committee of the trade union No. 32/20 dated November 26, 2020, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a draw was held for a mini-football tournament among athletes. On the initiative of the General Director of JSC “Sharguncoal” Khamza Naimovich Abdullaev, a team of divisions of JSC “Sharguncoal” also took part in the competition.

The composition of JSC “Sharguncoal” : trainer chief geologist-Khodjakulov Bakhtiyor, attackers: specialist of the marketing department-Ganiev Adham, head of the personnel department-Toshov Firdavs, head of the underground section-Tursunov Tashpulat, driver-Gafforov Javlon, fireman – Ibragimov Karomiddin, defenders: Amonov , Khamidov Sayyad, Khamidov Daston, Khamidov Alisher, Shukurov Akhmed, goalkeeper: experienced – Pardaev Sunnat. In the first match on November 28, the team of JSC “Sharguncoal”, having entered the field with Lokomotiv Depot, the champion team of the football tournament (owned by JSC “Uzbekistan Railways), which has been held for several years between the Termez regional railway junction, won with a score of 5 : 2 and won a ticket to the next round.

After that, on December 1, the football team of JSC “Sharguncoal” , defeating the football team ECH-7 JSC “Uzbekistan Railways” with a score of 5:1, won a ticket to the semifinals, and on 3 December defeated the football team PCH-13 JSC “Uzbekistan Railways” with a score of 6:3 and reached the final.

On this day, after lunch, the final game started. In the final, the team of JSC “Sharguncoal” met with the football team of the LOVD JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”. The game was held in a very tense dispute. In any case, the team of JSC “Sharguncoal” dominated the rivals. The JSC “Sharguncoal” team won 4:1 over the LOVD JSC “Uzbekistan Railways” football team and won the championship in the mini-football tournament, which started at the Termez regional railway junction.

On behalf of all employees of JSC “Sharguncoal”, on behalf of the management staff, on behalf of the General Director of JSC “Sharguncoal”, the trade union committee of JSC “Sharguncoal” expresses gratitude to the players of the football team.