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 Happy independence Day!

Happy independence Day!

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Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the staff of JSC “Sharguncoal”, we cordially congratulate You and your family members on the 29th anniversary of Independence, which is a great and dear holiday for all of us. We wish that the joy of independence and the holiday will motivate you to good intentions and good deeds. May there always be blessings from our home, joy from your heart, and a smile on your face. We hope that the fruits of your selfless work for the sake of the great future of our rapid and Sunny Uzbekistan will always be fruitful. Let the future of our country, which is confidently moving through the stages of development, become even brighter. May the glory of independence never leave you. May our independence last forever!

Best regards, on behalf of the staff of JSC “Sharguncoal”

X.N. Abdullaev