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Today, a solemn event dedicated to the national holiday “Navruz” was held in JSC “Sharguncoal”.

At the festival, groups consisting of employees of our society demonstrated various performances that demonstrate our nationality and values. At the festive event, there was a “queen of Spring” and a competition reflecting our nationality, values, that is, national dishes and costumes that are prepared from history to the present day.

In the overall competition “Queen of Spring” Kholmirzayeva took 1st place.  In the competition, reflecting our nationality and values, employees of the high-tech complex took the 1st place among the sites.

The festive event was attended by veterans working in the society, as well as Chinese partners.

Recently, in connection with the holiday of “Navruz”, football competitions and the “Sumalak”event were held between the regions.

In the football tournament, the 3rd place was taken by the Directorate for Modernization of JSC “Sharguncoal”, the 2nd place-the Paramilitary Mountain Rescue Service, the 1st place-the section “underground coal mining No. 1″, which won the championship in JSC”Sharguncoal”.

Happy holiday to you once again, dear miners!